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Posted by: FALLOW May 8 2017, 11:04 AM
Numora Starter Guide
Your friendly neighborhood guide!
Welcome to The Numora Region!

As you've noticed, there's a lot of information to digest. Don't worry — the Starter Guide is here to help! Our guide will help you figure out where to start first, whether Numora is the forum for you, and how to go about joining the site.


Before anything else, you'll need to read the following topics if you haven't already. These are required reads for everyone.

  • Site Rules - Our rules and regulations. Aside from listing what you can or can't do, the thread also discusses our word count and account system.

  • Site Plot - This thread has our site plot, including our backstory and a summary of past site-wide plot events.

  • Mature Rules - Numora is a premium Jcink forum so we allow mature content with a few stipulations that you can read here. Note, you must be 18 and above to participate in any mature threads.

Once you've finished those mandatory reads, you're probably interested in learning more about the kind of characters you can make as well as the mechanics we use on the site. The mechanics are quite a comprehensive and lengthy read, but they'll help you figure out if Numora's the site for you.

  • Character Classes - This thread explains the different classes that your character can be in as well as the specific class bonuses that each one has.

  • The following threads discuss the different mechanics we have for Pokemon encounters, PVE and PVP battling, leveling, and evolution.
    • Mod Threads - Explains the three kinds of moderated threads we have on the site and what you can expect from each of them.
    • Battles and Movesets - We're a Pokemon site so we have to have Pokemon battles! This thread explains the battle system in Numora with details on rolling for effects, movesets and the like.
    • Hatching and Catching - If you want to catch (or hatch) them all, this thread has the info that you need.
    • Leveling Up and Evolution - This describes the leveling system and how to go about evolving your Pokemon.


Whew, we're finally done with all the required and important info! If you've decided to join, the next thing to do is to make your OOC account and then your character's account. You can link your character's account to your OOC account via the sub-account function to make swapping accounts easier. This is especially useful if you plan to have a lot of characters! You can do this by accessing the 'Edit Sub-Accounts' link under 'Personal Profile' in the User Control Panel of your OOC account.

Alright, let's talk about characters! If you're unsure about your character idea, you can check these threads out.

  • Wanted Ads - You can browse through our members' wanted ads here, and maybe one of them will catch your eye. A perk of picking up a wanted character is that you have planned plots and threads to jump right into once the character's been accepted!

  • Bans, Encouragements, and Discouragements - Have an idea already? You should check this list to make sure it's not banned or discouraged.

  • Starter Pokemon - Picking a starter Pokemon can help you flesh out your character idea!
When you're ready to make your character, you can go ahead and fill up the template in the Work in Progress board. You can also start snazzing up your account with a profile picture, avatar, and signature.
  • Face Claims - The list of face claims. You should check if the face claim you want has already been claimed or reserved by another member. You can also reserve your chosen face claim for one month.

  • Character Application - Our application template. Please post your application with your character's account, not your OOC account. Anywho, happy writing!

  • Admin Request Thread - Done with writing your application? Post here to let staff know that they can check your app!


Once your application's been approved, you're now free to start roleplaying! There are plenty of things that you can do, so here are a few suggestions to help you settle in.

  • PC Database - You can set up your character's PC here in the appropriate sub-board. We have a template that you can use, but you're also free to code your own.

  • Plotters - Check some plotters out or post your own!

  • Open Threads - If you don't feel like posting your own open thread, you can take a look at our open threads listing to see if there are any threads that catch your fancy.

  • Mod Threads - If you've decided to post a mod thread and staff hasn't gotten to it yet, you can post it here for more exposure.
Is there anything else that you need to know? Well, depending on your character's class, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the following threads: And congratulations — we're done! There are a few other threads that you can read up on or check out, but reading them is at your discretion. Handily enough, you can find them (and everything you've read here!) in the Links tab up in the menu.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask in the Customer Service Board or in the Help channel in our Discord server. You're also welcome to PM a staff member or to ask them in the cbox. The staff are always happy to help!


Posted by: FALLOW May 8 2017, 11:50 AM
Pokemon Locations
fantastic beasts and where to find them
Here’s a compiled list of all the common Pokemon in each wild area. This list is organized by level range.

You can visit the board with these Pokemon by clicking the name of the area.

Pleasant Hill
Levels 5-10


rattata - pidgey - starly - bidoof - pidove - patrat - sentret - zigzagoon - pikipek - yungoos

Cosmo Canyon
Levels 8-14


heatmor - joltik - grubbin - darumaka - litleo - electrike - plusle - minun - houndour

Screeching Caves
Levels 10-20


zubat - geodude - roggenrola - woobat

Millford Woods
Levels 10-20


butterfree - ledyba - spinarak - beautifly - dustox - sewaddle - spewpa - oddish - sunkern - cherubi - petilil - cottonee - deerling - fomantis - morelull - bounsweet

Outer Icebridge
Levels 10-20


Spring, Fall, and Winter


swinub - delibird - snorunt - snover - vanillite
spring, fall & winter: cubchoo - bergmite
summer: lapras - seel

Wake of Ash
Levels 25-35


slugma - luxray- skarmory - excadrill - ponyta - magmar - turtonator - durant

Widewater River
Levels 10-35


poliwag - magikarp - goldeen - marill - buizel - basculin - wishiwashi - dewpider

Old Ardale
Levels 20-30


gastly - drowzee - cubone - shuppet - duskull - phantump - murkrow

Screeching Caves (Depths)
Levels 20-30


diglett - onix - aron - lunatone - solrock - drillbur - durant - minior

The Ocean
Levels 30-40


tentacruel - mantine - pelipper - sharpedo - basculin - frillish - bruxish - mareanie

The Desert
Levels 30-40


sandslash - cacnea - hippopotas - krokorok - maractus - vullaby

Shale Forest
Levels 30-40


parasect - scyther - pinsir - nuzleaf - carnivine - pumpkaboo - oranguru - passimian - vikavolt

Mirror Lake
Levels 30-40


slowbro - lotad - crawdaunt - feebas - gastrodon - ducklett - crabrawler

Oceanic Ruins
Levels 40-50


staryu - lanturn - octillery - wailord - clamperl - lumineon - dhelmise - pyukumuku

Crystal Caves
Levels 40-50


clefairy - jynx - gothorita - duosion - cryogonal - carbink - sableye

Ancient Ruins
Levels 40-50


claydol - bronzong - sigilyph - cofagrigus - golett - doublade

Reflective Ruins
Levels 40-50


seadra - jellicent - eelektrik - elgyem - litwick - klefki

Sky Ruins
Levels 40-50


altaria - sigilyph - rufflet - dugtrio - bronzong - golbat - claydol - swellow

Northern Crater
Levels 40-50


haxorus - kingdra - druddigon - flygon - drampa - noivern - turtonator - dragalge

Victory Road
Levels 60-70


druddigon - dunsparce - exploud - steelix - aggron - golbat - graveler - hitmonchan - hitmonlee - hitmontop - lycanroc - noivern

Note: You cannot capture any of the Pokemon in this area.

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