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Posted by: Lazarus Mar 6 2017, 03:22 AM
Site Plot
The First Page Has Only Begun
NUMORA BACKSTORY Long ago, the land lived in peace with many new and different pokémon exclusive to the region. Numora was a peaceful land until one-day Ho-Oh was disturbed by the peace of the land burned everything to the ground according to the legend. Nobody's sure exactly why it happened, but the few remaining survivors have built everything up again after hundreds of years. All flora and fauna here are, for the most part, an invasive species. Numora has attempted to remain peaceful despite this tragic event and so far it has worked if you discount the Guild activity that has been built up. Nobody's sure why, but the goal of the guild was declared to burn the region to the ground once again by summoning the legendary pokémon, Ho-Oh.

MAJOR EVENT: FLAMES OF NUMORA PT.1 the guild managed to artificially create monsters that replicated the pokémon of myth, Suicune, Entei, Raikou, and last but not least, Ho-Oh. The weapons were used to ravage Numora in an attempt to destroy it once more, but thanks to the efforts of others, they were held back until the bodies self-destructed. Someone had sabotaged the biological creatures with Shiny Potions, throwing their DNA Structure out of whack and bringing even earlier deteriorations to the creatures. While their bodies have not been confirmed dead nor found, the guild no longer has access nor control over them.

MAJOR EVENT: NO PLACE LIKE HOME Hunters have invaded the region in storm! A large hunter group that calls themselves The Seventh Circle have come to steal people's pokemon and poach the strange yet strong wild pokemon. In the midst of this mess, a strange portal opened up above Fairfield and unleashed a HUGE creature that had been named Celesteela. Mass chaos ensued in the town as some people fought to protect the monster from the poachers while others sought to catch it for their own nefarious desires. The Guardians of the beast were wiped out and the Seventh Circle has made off with a successful capture on the beast. Nobody knows where the group has hidden it, not even the guild who had affiliated themselves with them.


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